Localhost Server

What is a Localhost Server?

The process of developing interactive websites can be simplified with the use of a localhost server.

Web servers are actually machines that store web sites on the internet.

The software programs that control the access of users to those web sites are also referred to as servers.

The most popular of those programs is the free Apache server.

You can download and install the Apache Server on your Windows machine, and create an environment similar to the internet right on your computer.

When you run the server on your computer without an actual connection to the internet it is called a localhost server.

Why do I need a localhost?

You must be running on a server to process your HTML forms on your PC.

When you build a form its action statement calls a CGI script to process the data entered in the input boxes on your form.

The most popular scripting language is PHP.

The viewing browser must be able to access a server in order to find the interpreter that processes the scripts.

Is a localhost server hard to install?

It can be very difficult. It doesn't have to be!!!

Enter IndigoAmpp

IndigoAmpp makes installing the Apache server on your PC just about automatic.

I've installed it on Windows XP, Vista and 7 without a hitch.

And IT'S FREE!!!

I recommend Indigo AMPP ( Apache/Perl/Php/Mysql) for techno-dummies like myself.

Download and Install like you would any other package of new software.

Use it with the right HTML editor

Though you can use the Apache server without HTMLPad, it will simplify the process of testing your forms and scripts.

If you like simple, get the HTMLPad 2014 HTML5 editor.

It will sync up with your localhost, right out of the box. Just save your web pages in your c:\indigoampp\apache-2.2.15\htdocs\ folder and turn on Mappings (See tutorial below).

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Running IndigoAMPP with HTMLPad 2014

I created a simple tutorial to get you up and running. Click Here for tutorial.

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