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We're Being Sued by gettyimages.
Tsk Tsk

I was wondering who would put the final nail in our coffin. Google's done a pretty good job of getting rid of us, but gettyimages is going to get their licks in also.

We bought a disk of 100,000 royalty free images from back in 2006. We don't resell images but we do use them in our free web template collections, which is legal by our license agreement.

gettyimages is now informing us that some of the images we bought from are theirs.

They are also sueing us for displaying thumbnails of templates that uses in their website builder.

Sounds to me like they're splitting hairs on that one to make some extra money.

We've been online in some form since 1997. When copyright infringement became the new vehicle for making money, we had removed just about anything we'd added in old days off of scanned calendars and such. We may have missed a couple.

I could see being sued for that, but thumbnails and pictures by guys like Hans Merten and others who sold distribution rights to more than one company, I mean - Get Real!!

Anybody know if Google owns gettyimages?

See all 3 images Here. If you are promoting templates for other companies on your website using thumbnail images, You May Be at RISK!!

I'm old and tired people. Tired of the foolishness the internet has turned into. I'm especially tired of companies like gettyimages who evidently can't make an honest living doing business as usual. Now they're claiming the rights to images they don't own or selling the rights to images that one of their designers sold to several different companies.

I've finished most of the updates to HTML5 in our HTML tutorial. I think I'll publish what's finished and forget the rest.

We'll probably be saying sia nora in a couple of weeks, so get what you can.

We may be on our way out, but we'll make sure to help gettyimages rebuild their corporate image on our way!.

Signed: Sick & Tired

Don't Get Ripped Off

Have you ever been ripped off?

I have and it wasn't a good feeling. It made me stop trusting people and companies that I didn't know.

I hadn't been on the internet 2 months and I allowed myself to be ripped off big time. $500 worth to be exact.

It was about '96 and I wanted to make money so I paid some company $500 for the privilege of selling their product. Pretty stupid, but I didn't know anything about the internet and I got in a hurry.

I've learned a lot since then. I rarely ever get ripped off now.

One place where you can get ripped off in a hurry is in the web host that you choose.

I've chosen badly in the past. I hosted my site with a web host that was so bad that my site was down half the time and when I tried to contact them they wouldn't even answer the phone. When I sent them emails they were rude. When I left their service, they kept trying to charge me and wouldn't sell me my domain name. ( Check out - that used to be mine ) Now, that was a costly experience!!

Now, I advertise web hosting. I promote Yahoo Small Business.

Why? Do they pay me the highest commission? No they don't!

Are they the BEST? There is no such thing as the best web host. Some are more popular than others. Yahoo is one of the most popular.

Why do I promote them? Because they are a well known name, they are dependable and they aren't going to rip you off.

Why isn't Yahoo web hosting ranked as the BEST on most of the web host review websites?

Because web host review sites are just like mine. They make money off of commissions and Yahoo does not offer the highest commission for selling their product.

On web host review sites the web hosts that pay the highest commissions get the highest rankings. It's a business. You promote what makes you the most money.

So, why don't I do that? Because I would rather sell for a company that I know, that I use and that I know is dependable and won't rip you off!!

Does it cost you more to buy through me? NEVER! At times it costs less, because I can offer discounts that you don't get when buying direct.

I TRUST Yahoo!