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The future of web design is in Responsive Web Design

That simply means building one website that can be accessed with any device: desk top, cell phone and anything in between.

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Get started right by spending a few minutes in our NEW Tutor that introduces you to the world of RWD.

You'll see how web pages are built by DOING just that.

Your finished page will be Mobile Ready with RWD features.

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Our Tutorial Process

Beginners will start with a simple approach to learning:
Seeing + Doing = Learning


You will SEE HTML5 code:

<p>Paragraph code</p>

You will copy it and paste it into a web page you created.


You will SEE CSS code:

p {
font-family: arial, tahoma, serif;
font-size: 16px

You will copy it and paste it into a style sheet you created.


Then you will learn to look at the HTML document with a browser and see how HTML and CSS work together.

Tutorial Overview

Beginners might need:(Provided in Tutorial)

7 Step Tutorial (Using NotePad - Copy and Paste)

Beginners are encouraged to work through the 7 Step tutorial several times.

You'll be surprised at how much of the information sinks in about the third time through just by copying and pasting.


Put It On the Web

Using Our Web Hosting!
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Other Stuff You'll find on CaFW

You can increase your knowledge using the other HTML5/CSS tutorials on this website, including:

HTML tags/elements:


Advanced Helps:


This site will teach you the fundamentals you need to create a website with HTML.

We focus on:


Free Tools We Recommend

FREE HTML Editor: NoteTab Light
All the features of a commercial HTML editor.
FREE Photo Editor: PhotoScape
Resize, optimize and enhance your website pictures.
FREE Apache Server for Windows: IndigoAmpp
Set up a real time server environment right on your PC. Test forms and scripts before uploading to your web space.
Linux Users
If like us, you've finally left the insane world of Microsoft Windows, we highly recommend the free BlueFish HTML editor. You'll find it in your software repository.

Planning Your Website

This HTML tutorial teaches the mechanical side of creating web pages.

Before you begin the actual construction of your website, you should visit our Website Design Tutor for information on Research and Planning your website. Includes information on page layout and the use of color.